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Most often, problems arise when the Wi-Fi module on the laptop cannot be turned on. And when Wi-Fi turns on, the laptop finds all available networks, but when you try to connect it says “Windows could not connect to …”. We need to check whether the drivers are installed on the Wi-Fi adapter, whether Wi-Fi is turned on on the laptop, etc. Now we will do this.

I noticed that most often problems with connecting to Wi-Fi are found in Windows 7. It is on this OS that a network error without access to the Internet very often appears, I wrote how to solve this problem in the article, the link to which is above. In fact, as practice shows, there can be many causes of this problem. And if there are many reasons, then there are many ways in which you can make a laptop connect to a Wi-Fi router.

But the laptop, the netbook, etc. are not always to blame. There may be a problem in the access point, that is, in a Wi-Fi router. And the first thing we need to do when there is a problem connecting to Wi-Fi is to determine the reason, in a laptop, or in a Wi-Fi router. Now I will consider the problem of connecting to my own router. Because, if you are unable to establish a connection with someone else’s Wi-Fi, then all claims to the neighbor, this is most likely his problem :).

Who is to blame, a laptop, or a Wi-Fi router?

As I wrote above, you first need to find the culprit. Before you make any settings on a laptop or Wi-Fi router, you need to understand what the problem is, because of which it is not possible to connect the laptop to Wi-Fi. It’s just possible to set it up so that then you have to do a factory reset and set it all up again. The best way to determine which device is hiding the problem is to try connecting another device, such as another laptop, tablet, or phone, to the router. A laptop that has problems connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to try connecting to another wireless network.

I think you understand my point. If other devices (best of all with the same operating system) connect to your router without problems, then the problem is in the laptop. Read this article further, now let’s try to solve it.

Well, if problems with connecting to your network arise on other devices, and a “problematic” laptop connects to other networks without problems, then the problem is in setting up a Wi-Fi router. See the article on setting up a Wi-Fi router TP-Link TL-WR841N, it may come in handy.

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