Layer 3 Switches

Intelligent Ethernet SNR switches are a high-performance and cost-effective solution for switching data at the second level and routing at the third level of the OSI network model.

A variety of ethernet switches SNR allows you to choose the model according to the needs of your network. All SNR switches are built on an optimized hardware base and have improved build and soldering quality.

In our store you can find a detailed description of the functionality, the current version of the software and the full technical documentation for each of the SNR switches.

All switches are certified, certificates for SNR switches can be found in our store.

You will find answers to frequently asked questions, features of working with SNR switches, basic functional settings, and many other useful information in the SNR section of the Knowledge Base.

In the wide range of SNR network switches, you can easily pick up analogues of Dlink and Huawei switches.

In our catalog you can buy an Ethernet SNR switch at a bargain price with delivery to any region of Russia. Our experts will help you configure the SNR switch, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty support. In our store you can buy: unmanaged switches of the second level of the SNR-S19xx series, as well as managed network switches.

Access Level Switches:

the managed network switches of the second level of the SNR-S2940, SNR-S2950, ​​SNR-S2960 series are designed to organize the level of access in the networks of telecom operators, as well as industrial and corporate networks. In these series, models are presented that have 8, 24 ports of the 10/100 Base-TX switch, as well as 1-2 Combo ports with support for SFP modules. SNR network switches are full-fledged analogues of D-Link and Huawei equipment. For example, the switch is an alternative to D-Link DES-1210-10 / ME and Huawei S2309TP-EI-AC. D-Link DES-3200-26 and Huawei S2326TP-EI-AC can be replaced by SNR-2950-24G, and D-Link DES-3200-28 / ME can be replaced by SNR-S2960-24G. L2 + managed gigabit switches of the SNR- series S2990 are designed to organize the level of access in the networks of telecom operators, corporate networks requiring a high data transfer rate. This series contains three models of access level switches that have 24, 48 10/100 / 1000BASE-TX ports, as well as 4 uplink ports with support for 1000BASE-X SFP modules, the gigabit SNR-S2990G-24TX switch has 24 10/1000 / 1000BASE-TX and 4 ports 1 / 10GE SFP +.

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