Network Switch Description

NetPing NP-SM4 is a 4-port Ethernet switch made in a compact and convenient case of a wall-mounted computer outlet. A feature of this switch is its compact size and support for POE technology both for receiving power by the switch itself and for providing POE with power for devices connected to it.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) – technology for the transmission of electricity and data through a standard twisted pair cable in an Ethernet network. For example, if your camcorder supports PoE, to connect it, just connect an Ethernet cable to it, and you do not need to connect it to a 220V network, the camera will receive power from the Ethernet network. The technology is widely used in IP-telephony, access points of wireless networks, IP-cameras, network hubs, IP-weather stations. Using POE power can be critical if connecting a separate power supply is undesirable or impossible. For example, at the installation point there is no external power outlet or the available external power is unstable.

The NP-SM4 switch itself can be powered by POE technology. Those. you just need to connect the NP-SM4 to an Ethernet network with POE support, and no additional power is required for the switch itself. It is also possible to connect an external power adapter to the NP-SM4, for use in cases where the network does not support the POE standard.

The case of the device in the form of an overhead computer outlet is one of the unique features of the device! It is mounted in the same way as an ordinary computer socket for connecting workstations and / or VoIp phones to the network, but at the same time it contains a full-featured Ethernet switch that allows you to connect new jobs just by connecting another NP-SM4 to any free Ethernet connector!

NP-SM4 as a power supply (POE injector) for 3 ports

If an external power adapter is connected to the NP-SM4, the NP-SM4 can act as a POE injector in the network., I.e. "adding" power supply to the Ethernet cable. In this mode, the 3 ports of the NP-SM4 switch are able to provide POE power to 3 external devices! For example, you can provide POE with power for 3 external IP cameras or several VoIP phones.

NP-SM4 as a basis for building an Ethernet network of arbitrary configuration

NP-SM4 can transfer power to POE devices connected to it, including the same NP-SM4 switches included after it. This feature allows you to build a full-fledged Ethernet network of arbitrary configuration based on NP-SM4, branching it with additional NP-SM4 devices where necessary, without connecting external power supplies to them.

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