Okof Code Network Switches

External structure of the Internet

DNS (from the English. Domain Name System) – a domain name system – a distributed system capable of reporting the host name (for example, www.) Of its IP address (

IP-address (from the English. Internet Protocol Address) – a unique identifier (address) of a computer connected to a local network or the Internet. The IP address is assigned by the administrator during the configuration of computers and routers.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – TCP runs over IP. TCP provides guaranteed data delivery (see also TCP / IP).

TCP / IP (from the English. Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) – a family of network protocols of different levels used for data transmission in local and global networks. This is the de facto standard, the foundation on which all network connectivity is currently built.

URL (English Uniform Resource Locator) – a universal way to record the address of a resource on the Internet. For example,

XML (English eXtensible Markup Language, an extensible markup language) is a text format designed to store structured data, to exchange information between programs, and to create more specialized markup languages ​​on its basis. XML-based systems typically require less development costs. Many service providers connected to CyberPlat use XML in the interaction protocol (MegaFon, Beeline, MTS, etc.). When working with service providers, CyberPlat uses its own interaction protocol, also based on this language.

A router or router or router (from the English router) is a network device that forwards network-layer packets between different network segments. Works at a higher level than the switch.

Cisco is the largest enterprise-level network router manufacturer today. At Cyberplat, Cisco equipment provides the functions of routers, firewalls, IP telephony, etc.

Dynamic and static IP address – an IP address is called dynamic if it is assigned automatically when the computer is connected to the network. An immutable IP address is called static.

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