Router Asus Rt-N12 C1

Wi-Fi setup on ASUS RT-N12 C1 router

This instruction is written on the example of the RT-N12 C1 ver.3 router

Other versions of the router: N12 / N12 B1 / RT-N12 C1 / RT-N12 D1 / RT-N12E / RT-N12HP / RT-N12LX


In order to get to the web interface of the router, you need to open your Internet browser and type 192. 168.1.1, Username – admin, Password – in the list that opens, select Wireless network.

We set the parameters as follows:

SSID field: enter the name of the wireless network. The value in this field can be left unchanged. Authentication method: WPA2-Personal WPA encryption: TKIP or AES WPA pre-key: you must enter any set of numbers, from 8 to 63 in length. You must also remember them so that you can specify them when connecting to the network .Click the Apply button below to Configure Internet Connection

In the router’s interface, you need to select the tab on the left Additional parameters, in the opened list select WAN.

Configure PPPoE connection WAN connection type: PPPoE Receive WAN IP address automatically: Yes User name: Your login by agreement Password: Your password by agreement MTU: 1472 We save the settings with the Apply button. Configure L2TP connections WAN connection type – L2TP Enable WAN, Enable NAT, Enable UPnP – set it to everywhere Yes address and connect to DNS automatically – put an end to YESUsername and password – username and password from the contractVPN server – enter the IP address or name of the vpn server under the contractOther parameters can not be changed. Enter something in the host name in English. Save the settings. Configuring PPTP (VPN) when automatically receiving a local IP address WAN connection type: PPTP Heart-Beat server or PPTP / L2TP (VPN): enter the IP address or name of the vpn server by agreement

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