Types of Switches

One of the most common switches due to the ease of connection. The simplest of them has only four contacts on board for the following wires:

Plus (12V) Minus Hall Sensor Ignition Coil

Despite its simplicity, there are a great many switches of this type. There are both with and without a maximum speed limiter, with a change in the ignition timing, with additional contacts for a wide variety of needs. For example, you can hook a lazy person to some switches (side stand ), at the opening of which the motor will not spin up to revolutions at which the clutch engages. This is done in order to protect the driver from himself, and what if he wants to disengage a standing moped, it will run after in trying it poymat.Byli cases :).

AC switch

It differs from DC switches in that it can do without DC 12V. It is difficult to say whether it is simpler or more complicated. Rather, it can be said differently, because if there is a simpler design, it has a more complicated option for connecting to an electric circuit. Unlike DC switches, AC switches come mainly without a maximum speed limiter due to their small size and rather primitive device, they boast the ability to work perfectly in the absence of a number of nodes, without which DC switches You won’t be able to work in principle. Remove the battery, relay-regulator, ignition switch, leave only the high-voltage generator coil and Hall sensor and everything will start and drive perfectly. I’m not saying that they are all primitive, there are quite complicated switches of this type, able to compete with the DC type, nor is it a rarity. Despite the lack of need for direct current, the speakers are very dependent on the “change” and the connection of the motor unit with the frame (I mean the general case), and God forbid you to burn or damage one coil in the generator, which generates a high voltage, and it can be assumed that you have already arrived: moped zavedet not under any circumstances.

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