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Wi-Fi Router Operation

I am writing this article for those novice users whom acquaintances say: “Buy a router and don’t suffer”, but do not explain in detail what it is, and from here I have questions on my website:

Why do I need a Wi-Fi router? If I do not have wired Internet and a phone, can I buy a router and surf the Internet via Wi-Fi? How much will wireless Internet through a router cost? I have Wi-Fi in my phone or tablet, but it it doesn’t connect, if you buy a router, it will work? And can you make the Internet on several computers at once? What is the difference between a router and a router?

To some, such questions may seem completely naive, but I still think that they are quite normal: not every person, especially the older generation, should (and can) understand how all these wireless networks work. But, I think, for those who have expressed a desire to understand, I can explain what’s what.

Wi-Fi router or wireless router

First of all: a router and a router are synonyms, it was just used to translate a word such as router (which is the name of this device in English-speaking countries) into the Russian language, the result was a “router”, now they often read Latin characters in Russian : we have a “router”.

If we are talking about a Wi-Fi router, we mean the ability of the device to work via wireless communication protocols, while most home router models also support wired connection.

Why do I need a Wi-Fi router

If you look at Wikipedia, you can find that the purpose of the router is to combine network segments. Unclear for the average user. Let’s try it differently.

An ordinary home Wi-Fi router combines the devices connected to it in the home or office (computers, laptops, phone, tablet, printer, Smart TV and others) into a local network and, why it is necessary, most people buy it, allows you to use the Internet with all devices simultaneously, without wires (via Wi-Fi) or with them, if there is only one provider line in the apartment. You can see an approximate scheme of work in the picture.

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