What is a Wi-Fi Router

This section describes in detail how to configure the TP-Link router on your own.

And so, let’s get started.

The first thing we need to do is take "patch cord" (this is a cable having a connector on both sides)

We connect the power supply of the router to the outlet. Then we take the patch cord and connect one end of the cable to the network card of the computer / laptop.

The second end of the cable is connected to the router. You can connect to any of the four ports (highlighted in yellow). In our case, the cable was connected to the first port.

The following scheme should turn out: router -gt; network card of your computer.

The next thing you need is to connect an Internet cable (the one that goes to the apartment from the entrance) to the router.

We connect it to the blue Internet connector.

Fine! Everything is connected with us. It remains to configure the Internet and wireless security.

Go ahead!

Open a browser on your computer and in the address bar enter the network address: and press Enter.

After we entered the network address of the router, an authorization page will open in front of us.

By default it goes: username is admin, password is admin

And then click the Login button

Before us was the interface of the router. On the left, we see the Network item in the menu. Push it.

Then select the WAN item just below.

In the next picture, we need to configure a few points. Do not forget the registration card.

1. WAN Connection Type – at this point select PPPoE / Russia PPPoE

2. User Name – enter the login from the registration card

3. Password – enter the password from the registration card

4. Confirm Password – repeat the password without errors

5. In order for the router to connect to the Internet, after the completed actions, click the Connect button

Disconnected Status! should change to Connected

And save all the settings by pressing the SAVE button

Next, go to the next Wireless menu item and then the Wireless Settings submenu

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