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In this article I’ll talk about how you can connect your computer to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It will be about stationary PCs, which, for the most part, do not have this feature by default. However, their connection to a wireless network is accessible even to a novice user.

Today, when almost every home has a Wi-Fi router, using a cable to connect a PC to the Internet can be inappropriate: it’s inconvenient, the location of the router on the system unit or desk (as is usually the case) is far from optimal, and Internet access speeds not such that the wireless connection could not cope with them.

What is required to connect a computer to Wi-Fi

All you need to connect your computer to a wireless network is to equip it with a Wi-Fi adapter. Immediately after that, he, like your phone, tablet or laptop, will be able to work on the network wirelessly. At the same time, the price of such a device is not at all high and the simplest models cost from 300 rubles, excellent – about 1000, and very cool – 3-4 thousand. It is sold literally in any computer store.

There are two main types of Wi-Fi adapters for a computer:

USB Wi-Fi adapters, which are a device similar to a USB flash drive. A separate computer board, which is installed in the PCI or PCI-E port, can connect one or more antennas to the board.

Despite the fact that the first option is cheaper and easier to use, I would recommend the second – especially if you need more reliable signal reception and good Internet connection speeds. However, this does not mean that a USB adapter is bad: in most cases it will be enough to connect a computer to Wi-Fi in an ordinary apartment.

Most simple adapters support 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz modes (if you use a 5 GHz wireless network, consider this when choosing an adapter), there are also those that provide 802.11 ac, but few have routers that work in this mode, and if there is, these people even know what’s happening without my instructions.

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