How to Choose a Router for Home

A promising global startup Cujo will open in Lithuania_____________________________________________________________

Startup Cujo, working with smart home protection technologies, opens its division in Lithuania. At the prestigious TechCrunch conference, this project was included in the twenty most promising startups. By the end of this year, the company plans to employ 20 highly qualified specialists in Lithuania who will test and improve the technology, provide technical support and engage in customer service.

“We chose Lithuania for several reasons. Firstly, Lithuania is competitive in terms of costs, and this is important for a young company. Secondly, in Lithuania there are top-class talents in the field of information technology that create products and provide their support. It is not by chance that companies such as Uber, Wix, RevelSystems opted for Lithuania and created their own success stories here. We hope that in time we will join this glorious team, ”says Einaras Gravrockas, founder and CEO of Cujo.

A Cujo device is a smart firewall that connects to a router and protects your home wireless network from hacker attacks. Recently, hacker attacks have become rampant, since 90% of devices collect and accumulate personal information of a user, while 70% of them are not protected from cyber attacks. According to the developers, the Cujo device, based on cloud computing and machine learning principles, is a kind of policeman that monitors the flow of information.

“With the expansion of the Internet of Things (Eng. Internet of Things), this problem will be exacerbated. Today, about 20 devices are already connected to a Wi-Fi network in an average household in the United States of America, up to 40 devices in homes of technology lovers, and in some households about 100 devices that support various functions of a smart home are connected to the network. Therefore, hacker attacks for households are becoming no less dangerous than for business companies, ”notes E. Gravrockas.

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