How to connect a router

UTP cable crimped from 2 sides

There are two ways to connect two routers in series. The first and easiest is through the wire. Most likely, he will not be interested in you, but I will still say a few words about him. The second way is connecting via wireless (Wi-Fi), this question is a little more complicated, but we will analyze it in detail.

Connecting two routers through a wire

To begin with, we need a twisted-pair wire (UTP cable) crimped on both sides with a length equal to the distance between two routers.

Then take any two Wi-Fi routers and connect them. We take the first router (the one on which the Internet is configured) and connect the “UTP cable” to the “LAN” port, insert the “UTP cable” into the “WAN” port into the second router (the one that will transmit the Internet signal further). That’s it, now we just configure both routers, the first – for your provider, and the second – for “dynamic ip”. You can read how to do this in these articles (setting up the router,,,). Attention in the second router, the internal ip address must be different from the first.

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