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The Zyxel Keenetic family of home wireless routers is significantly different from many similar products on the market. These solutions are developed and officially delivered only in the markets of Russia and the CIS. The most interesting for our users in them is the software created taking into account the peculiarities of domestic providers and their services. In addition, a significant role in its development is played by the placement of developers close to direct users of the products.

Last fall, the company introduced two new devices that are positioned in the upper segment – the Keenetic Giga III and Keenetic Ultra II models. And recently, a new entry-level representative has appeared on the market – the Keenetic Start II model, which will be discussed. Its cost at the time of publication is about 1,500 rubles.


The router comes in a compact (compared to previous Zyxel solutions) cardboard box, for which blue tones were chosen. The minimum supply is sufficient – a router, power supply (9 V 0, 6 A) and instructions. Note that the product was originally developed with the Russian language everywhere – from the box to the Web interface, not to mention the site and technical support, and we can talk more about adding an English version than localization for our market.

The network patch cord was probably not specifically added, because now the century of mobile clients is coming. In addition, the router can be perfectly configured and “over the air”, including from mobile devices.

In appearance, the router is similar to other devices in the series. Black plastic is used, and we see the practical matte version only at the ends, while the upper and lower panels are glossy.

The dimensions of the case are about 14×10, 5×3 centimeters excluding antennas. The latter are non-removable, have two degrees of freedom and are installed on the side ends. The total length is 18 cm, and the moving part is 16.5 cm. Inside, almost the entire length is 5 dBi antennas in the form of printed circuit boards, which is more interesting than the options used in previous models of the budget segment.

There are ventilation grilles on the side ends of the case, but it is unlikely that they are necessary in this case. There is one button on the top of the case for which you can assign actions with one press, double press and long press. By default, it performs the function of connecting clients via WPS and turning Wi-Fi on / off. At the front end there are three dim green indicators – status, Wi-Fi and Internet.

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