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I bring to your attention a text about the terrible and terrifying Muscovite Wi-Fi. I wonder what you think about this.

The nature of wireless Wi-Fi networks is such that for “listening” and intercepting the network traffic transmitted through them, it is enough for attackers to be close to access points. Therefore, services that allow the transmission of information in the clear or incorrectly configured encryption on the access point expose the personal data of their users to serious risk. Protect sensitive data by encrypting the traffic of wireless access points. In fact, this method of protection today is necessary for all Wi-Fi networks. But how are things in practice? Is it always, for example, in Moscow public wireless networks that traffic is really encrypted?

In order to find answers to these questions, Kaspersky Lab conducted an experiment: the company’s experts checked the historical center of Moscow for open and encrypted public Wi-Fi points, compared the data with the situation in one of the sleeping areas of the metropolis, and also visited popular with tourists and residents of the city and scanned the Wi-Fi networks deployed in them. Kaspersky Lab experts have chosen a large shopping center, a popular chain coffee shop, a five-star hotel in the city center, as well as a train station and other points of transport infrastructure in Moscow to pinpoint the general trend.

The study was conducted by the method of passive scanning of access points, a total of about 7000 Wi-Fi networks were analyzed.

The result is the following picture:

In 16% of access points in Moscow, no encryption is used at all, which makes them potentially extremely dangerous, since a cybercriminal can easily gain access to data transmitted over these networks.

In another 2% of Wi-Fi points, the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol is outdated and ineffective in terms of information security. Hacking such a protocol to an attacker will not be difficult, the time required for a successful attack is measured in minutes.

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