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Using various devices with WiFi is rapidly breaking into our lives; now WiFi is equipped with not only sophisticated technology such as laptops and communicators, but even such simple gadgets as a photo frame. Configuring them to connect to wireless networks is not easy, so it’s not surprising that technologies have come into play that can greatly simplify the setup process.

Creating a new wireless network begins directly with the configuration of the access point (wireless router) connecting computers and other wireless equipment to it.


From the point of view of an ordinary user, the traditional way of configuration looks very complicated: you need to perform complex actions with connecting to an access point for the first setup, you need to manually create a wireless network name, specify a complex and difficult to reproduce security key. And this whole setup process requires the user to have basic knowledge of WiFi. It will be much easier for him to simply press a button or enter a PIN so that everything is configured and connected. The Wireless Protected Setup (WiFi Protected Setup – WPS) is just designed to quickly, as easily and safely configure network devices and computers as possible. For example, one of the ways to connect a game console with WiFi to a wireless network: just click on the WPS buttons on the wireless router and on the game console.

WiFi Protected Setup is now the standard for easy and secure wireless networking. In Microsoft terminology, this is Windows Connect Now (WCN).

The configuration environment for wireless devices can be different: Ethernet, WiFi, USB cable or USB flash drive. A wireless device can be configured through a PIN (Personal Identification Number), by pressing the configuration buttons (PBC – Push Button Configuration, briefly Push Button) or by importing network settings.

Wireless Router Setup

The device is unpacked and connected to the mains. You can configure it via Ethernet, using the patch cord (which is included in the package) or via WiFi, but the setup process itself does not depend on this. On a laptop or desktop, you need to go to the Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Configure a new connection or network, where to choose Create and configure a new network.

Wireless devices with WCN support will be visible in the device list. We choose our access point (wireless router) (not the neighbor, if we configure via WiFi).

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