Router Settings

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When you see a Done message, your board is connected to a Wi-Fi network. A WiFi router or, as manufacturers like to call it, an Internet center, is a device that connects to the global Internet, organizes a local network and distributes the Internet to devices connected to it both via cable and through a wireless module. Or you can simply screw it on the wall with dowels, which are often included in the kit. This arrangement of equipment allows you to provide the best coverage of the room with a signal: The main thing is not to place the WiFi access point or router in the wall niches or behind obstacles in the form, for example, of a large aquarium. Video instruction on authorization in a Wi-Fi network using a call from a mobile phone Step 1. Turn on the Wi-Fi adapter. A wireless network indicator icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Before you try to go into the settings of the router, you must correctly configure the network card.

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