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What is a router, switch and hub

In the case when there are several devices in your home (computer, tablet, smartphones, laptops) that need to be connected to the global network, the question arises as to how to better organize Internet access for several devices. In this article, we will consider equipment designed to organize a home network and share a single Internet access channel for several devices. For this, hubs, switches and routers are used, which will be discussed.


The name of the device translates from English as a router. It is used as a connecting element between several different computer networks. As a rule, this is the provider’s network and your home network organized with the help of a router. The router is equipped with connectors, usually four, for connecting client devices and one port for connecting to the provider’s network via twisted pair. The router also has a built-in Wi-Fi module for connecting a large number of mobile devices equipped with this interface to the network.

Router Operation Scheme

The network cable included in your apartment is connected to the router. Next, the device distributes Internet traffic between all devices. To optimize the process of distributing incoming traffic, the devices are equipped with a convenient software shell, where you can limit the speed for each connected client.

Based on the routing table, the router accurately routes incoming traffic packets on the desired channel, and they reach the device to which they were addressed. The same thing happens with outgoing traffic.

Sometimes routers are equipped with additional functions, for example, a hardware firewall and the ability to encrypt traffic in Wi-Fi networks.

Router Features:

– security of a wireless communication channel –

– the ability to connect up to 4 devices via twisted pair cable and up to 99 or more via Wi-Fi-

– allows you to access the Internet from anywhere in the apartment or house-

– negatively affecting the body electromagnetic radiation coming from an integrated Wi-Fi module-

– A huge number of settings for load balancing and home network security.


A hub or network hub is a device designed to integrate a small number of computers into a local network and share them with the Internet.

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