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Ordinary USB WiFi Router

USB WiFi router performs all the functions of a full-fledged router, but at the same time its dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of a regular flash drive. A few years ago, one could only dream of such a solution, but now it has become possible. Manufacturers cite a lot of advantages of USB routers, but when using such compact devices, certain nuances may arise, which you should know about before purchasing a USB-WiFi router.

Advantages and disadvantages

This decision has positive and negative sides. Compared with full-fledged fixed routers, USB-WiFi routers have the following advantages:

compact dimensions — low cost — ease of connection and configuration — ease of use in mobile devices.

These products also have their drawbacks, which are due to their compactness and design features. So, in the small case that a USB Wi-Fi router has, it is impossible to fit a good antenna and a high-power radio module. In this regard, such devices have a fairly low speed and not too wide range. If there is a concrete wall or a metal door between the transmitter and receiver, such a router will not be able to perform its functions. In addition, the lack of wires adversely affects the stability of the connection, and when using a USB router, frequent breaks are possible.

If you need several devices to be connected to the router at once, a USB router will definitely not suit you. These products do not know how to parallelize the signal, so you should use them only if you need the Internet on 1 device.

The USB router device also imposes some limitations. So, for a relatively high distribution rate, you will need a device with a USB 3.0 connector. Devices that only support the second version are provided, they will not be able to provide speeds of more than 1500 Kbps, since they work with USB modems in Low-speed mode.

A serious drawback of such products is that the device (tablet, computer or smartphone) that will distribute the Internet must always be turned on. In the case of portable and mobile devices, this is not too critical, but distributing the Internet from a stationary computer can result in considerable electricity bills.

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