What is the difference between a router and a router


The world of the Internet is full of all kinds of abbreviations and terms. Router and router, what is the difference? An ordinary person, preoccupied with the need to connect all his “devices” to the global web, sooner or later will face some confusion in designating the same device. In one store he will find a router with 4 LAN ports, in another he will come across a router with WI-FI and for a moment it will seem that the problem has been solved and the difference is obvious. He adds 2 plus 2 and thinks that he knows how the router differs from the router. But the difference is only in writing, and the secret here is simple. A router is an English word borrowed in Russian and means “router” in translation. Bingo!

But the essence is simple: the device is designed to distribute network content in a small space, creating some kind of information network within, for example, one apartment. The router has an important function. The very concept of data transfer involves the processing of network segments. At the same time, the load on the network is significantly reduced, which cannot be done in the case of a simple switch or switch. This device, having one input, divides it into equal output parts, which significantly slows down the network speed.

The router is basically a small computer and redistributes the flow of content. Even with a serious load on the local network, it is able to ensure the normal operation of users. This is a definite plus in favor of the router.

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