Wi Fi Router for Office


Acquaintances and friends often ask what is better to use and how, especially when it comes to Internet access for a small office. I will try to tell the pros and cons of each device, show examples of suitable use. As a basis, I will consider a small office with a team of 5-10 people. 1. Yota Internet Center

I immediately want to recommend not using this device. (+): Everything in one device. (-): The built-in WiMax module catches poorly the signal from base stations (BS). A limited number of ports. The device was positioned by the company as a router + VoIP gateway. As far as I understand, in the settings they “play” with the QoS parameter, making voice traffic a priority. But in fact, it really does not work. An expensive solution.

2. Yota Many

A good model, but for an office solution it’s still expensive. Ideal for organizing Internet access in a car, on the street and just take it with you in your bag. Especially if you have mobile devices and / or several devices. (+): Compact. It holds excellent battery power. Good antenna. The functions are prioritized between two groups: by password and guest (yota share). (-): Price .If you do not set a password on WiFi, after some time, the device fails – you have to completely reboot through Reset. The administration function as a router is poor.

3. Mobile router

The model is very similar to the Yota Many.

4. Wi-Fi modem Yota

An ideal solution for accessing the Internet and providing a local area network via WiFi. This device can be used just to organize an Internet access network in the office, but, as a WiFi access point, the modem is weak and does not allow you to manage clients on the local WiFi network.

(+): Price. Compactness. Good BS signal reception.

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