Wifi Points

TP-Link TL-ER604W

A modern Wi-Fi access point – you can buy it at competitive prices with delivery in Russia in the online store

The online store offers a wide selection of Wi-Fi access points from well-known manufacturers of wireless communications Deliberant, Ubiquiti Networks, Mikrotik and others. An external or internal Wi-Fi access point, which you can buy at attractive prices with delivery throughout the Russian Federation, will allow you to organize a wireless network with the required coverage area indoors or outdoors and provide high-speed network access to all client wireless devices.

In the catalog you will find all-weather Wi-Fi access points designed for network deployment and organization of bridges at large, medium and small distances. Available are models with built-in radio interfaces and Wi-Fi antennas, compact and powerful single and dual-band radio routers equipped with N-type connectors for connecting external antennas, as well as ultra-powerful Wi-Fi access points integrated into the antenna or emitter, and super-fast bridges for data transmission over very long distances, which you can purchase at a very competitive price.

There is also a wide range of internal Wi-Fi access points for sale, making it easy and quick to organize wireless Internet access inside an office or a trading floor, or create a hot spot in a fast food establishment, entertainment or educational institution. In addition, the internal Wi-Fi access point, which you can buy in a few clicks, is perfect for deploying a wireless network inside your apartment, cottage or country house, providing you and your family members access to the Internet from a laptop, mobile phone, tablet computer and other portable devices. You can also buy USB Wi-Fi adapters for connecting laptops and computers to an indoor access point in our store.

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