Zyxel Keenetic Lite Ii Router

Keenetic Lite 2 is an updated version of the previous generation Keenetic Lite, outwardly differs from it in black with a ribbed surface and the presence of 2 external Wi-Fi antennas (3 dBi).

There is a button on top of the case, it allows you to quickly and safely connect Wi-Fi 802.11g / n wireless devices that support the WPS standard to a secure Wi-Fi network of the Internet center, for example computers and laptops with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Short press – Launches the quick Connection (WPS). Pressing for more than 3 seconds – Turns the wireless network on or off.

In addition to external changes, the Keenetic Lite 2 filling has also changed, if in previous versions there was a MIPS architecture processor with a clock frequency of 320 MHz and 32 MB of RAM, then the new MIPS (R) 24KEc 580 MHz MediaTek MT7620N processor with a network hardware accelerator and DDR SDRAM 64 MB. As you can see, the filling has seriously changed and prevents the router from overloading and overheating.

5 ports (100 Mbps) are traditionally located behind: 4 ports for a local network + 1 port for the Internet.

On the front panel you can see 8 indicators.

LED – Status Off The Zyxel Keenetic Lite 2 is off. Rarely flashing. The router is loading. If the indicator blinks for more than two minutes, the Internet center may be malfunctioning. Frequently flashing Firmware update. On The Internet center is on and functioning normally.

LEDs 0-4 Connecting to network connectors Off The cable is not connected to the corresponding connector on the Internet center, or the network connection is not established. Lights up or blinks The network connection is established, information is being transmitted.

Indicator – Wi-Fi wireless network Off The Wi-Fi network is off. On The Wi-Fi network is on. Blinking, often Wireless data is being transmitted. Blinking, rarely The WPS wireless quick setup session has started.

Indicator – Internet Off The Zyxel Keenetic Lite 2 did not receive IP settings from the provider for connecting to the Internet or did not pass authorization. On The IP settings for connecting to the Internet are set.

In order to configure the router, it is necessary, using an Ethernet cable, to connect to a computer / laptop, to connect the Internet cable to the Internet port. Do not forget to connect power to the Zyxel Keenetic Lite 2 and press the power button on the case. Set in the computer / laptop settings.

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